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7 p.m. Friday, August 22. Fubar, 3108 Locust Boulevard



M.O.D. and its singer Billy Milano have stirred up a shit-storm of controversy in the group's twenty-plus years of existence. At 46, Milano remains outspoken; when M.O.D. played at Pop's in May, he spent about the half the set sharing stories and jokes with the audience, who either nodded in agreement with his decidedly un-P.C. rhetoric or cracked up at his standup act. Music-wise, his group has morphed into a cartoonish hardcore bar band with an audience composed of decades-old fans and old-school hardcore enthusiasts. Both facets of the crowd should be pleased when the band plays Friday at Fubar, though. Expect to hear a range of M.O.D. songs — including some from Red White and Screwed, the band's supposed final album as well as mosh-pit classics by Stormtroopers of Death, Milano's other band.