MN's Best Shorts BLOCK 2

Rated NR 82 minutes

3 BULLETS - Three bullets, two friends, one choice. Tim and Joe are in town for a sports memorabilia convention - and maybe a little fun on the side. But when they witness a violent crime they must make a decision: Do they stand up or stand by?

GO HOME - Annie finds herself home alone. Her night takes a turn for the unexpected when she encounters Jenna living upstairs. The two have a rough meeting but later find they need each other to survive the night.

PANHANDLER - Ollie is not having a good night. His ex-girlfriend's band is having a show and Ollie subjects himself to song after songdealing with their breakup. He steps outside for some airand encounters Jim, a middle aged man Ollie assumes is a panhandler looking for money. After Jim assures Ollie he's only trying to find his misplaced car, the two strike up a conversation and discover they share similar interests as both are writers. Jim tells Ollie he's only pretending to be a homeless man in order to write about his experience, though Ollie remains skeptical. As the night progresses Ollie learns more about Jim and himself, possibly finding the inspiration for a great story to write and to get over his broken heart.

PROTOS - A dying man sacrifices his freedom and sanity for the prospect of eternal life in a sterile containment facility.

PUBLIC TOILET - Sometimes, you just have to go. Sometimes, you don't.

THE INFORMATION THIEF - When a thief steals some incriminating information from the mob, they send their best enforcer to track him down and keep the information out of the wrong hands.

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