Minister of State

Rated NR

A Scandinavian youth listens in awe as his grandfather tells him the light-hearted tale of a vagabond who wanders into a troubled post-WW II Lapp town and is mistakenly welcomed as a government minister. According to the happy townsfolk, the fellow has come to oversee reconstruction and to help them reform the land. In reality, Seppo had been trying to escape from the Germans. He was with a buddy, but an explosion separated them. He had been wandering ever since and now, finding himself met with great hospitality, willingly takes on the persona of the state official. Everybody but Neia, the fearsome town bully, welcomes Seppo. When the newcomer begins upsetting the balance by giving away land to peasants and exacting special fees, Neia gets angry and decides to permanently rid himself of Seppo.~ Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide

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