Million Dollar Crocodile

Rated NR 90 minutes

A notorious tricky businessman Zhao Da Zui bought crocs for meals. When the crocodiles are going to be killed by slaughters, who's called Amao pulled apart the ropes angrily and escaped by itself. On the big crocodile way escaping from human capture. Amao happens to swallow Wen Yan 's bag including her cellphone and purse ten thousands EURO in it, that is one million RMB. Wen Yan swear to catch the crocodile. So she ask for help to the policeman, Mr. Loose Wang, who hardly belive this crazy woman. As the searching work started, the crocodile has been found appearing in the pool where the kids usually play at and ate the sheep in the nearby. The whole town is in dangerous. The police take action at once.At that pressing moment, Mr. loose wang shoot the best performance in his life and kill the crocodile. But, nobody notice who left her egg in the rank. Is this a gift to Xiao Xing or anther prelude for a new crisis?

Film Credits

Director: Li Sheng Lin

Writer: Li Sheng Lin

Producer: Rui Li

Cast: Tao Guo and Barbie Hse

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