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Miles of Wire

Saturday, December 18; Frederick's Music Lounge


Here's a fact about Miles of Wire: The band's demo CD sounds best when played through crummy car-stereo speakers. This may have something to do with a minimal recording budget or a musical ethos (DIY or die, dude!), but something about it sounds tailored for car rides around the south side. Falling much more heavily on the "alt" side of "alt-country," Miles of Wire encourages all manner of drumbeat emulation while en route (fingers tapping on the steering wheel, maybe, or the more aggressive fist-on-the-car-ceiling approach).

True sons of St. Louis, the band members mine the area's tradition of alcohol-fueled, country-minded rock & roll, moving from laconic verses into full-throated, microphone-clutching choruses. While Miles of Wire has only been around for about a year, the band seems primed for the mantle of this city's new roots-rock phenoms.