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Mighty Mississippi

When: Through April 18

St. Louis is a river city, its very existence being predicated on early Americans using the Mississippi as a superhighway from the vast interior to New Orleans. Of course, European immigrants weren't the first to use the river this way — the mound-building Mississippian culture built their vast empire here for the same reason. The Mississippi River has seen civilizations rise and fall, has frozen solid and flooded and even flowed backward after the great earthquake of 1811. For many of those events people have lived alongside the great river and been shaped by it even as they have shaped it. Mighty Mississippi, the new exhibition at the Missouri History Museum (5700 Lindell Boulevard;, features more than 200 artifacts from the river, many dating back more than a millennium ago. The display comprises the largest display of Mississippian culture artifacts in more than three decades, alongside more contemporary objects such as cannons and photographs. Mighty Mississippi is open daily from Saturday, November 23, to April 18. Admission is free.

Paul Friswold

Price: free admission