Midsummer Night Dance (La Via Degli Angeli)

Rated NR 2000

Ines is taken on for a trial period to work as a secretary for an antique dealer in the centre of Bologna. She falls in love with the dealer's son, Angelo, whose perculiarity is that he never looks at her. As Ines' mother predicts, all the girls fall for her boss' son. Ines is on holiday in Sasso Marconi and at the beginning of July, as every year, the owner of a riverside dance hall passes her grandmother's house. He shows Ines and her family a colour picture of the dance hall and says that all the prettiest and most distinguished young ladies from Bologna will be there, to be picked like flowers on that magical evening. Ines' dream is for Angelo, her boss' son, to appear at the centre of the dance floor on that extraordinary night.

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