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MF Grimm

American Hunger (Day by Day)


Is it overstatement to call American Hunger rap's Blonde on Blonde? Perhaps it's an understatement, considering that Dylan's 1966 opus is a measly double album, while MF Grimm's new triple album has 60 songs! (It's so long that St. Louis' own DJ Crucial, who produced twelve of Hunger's most outstanding tracks, may release a separate album featuring only his contributions.) Grimm's latest isn't as lyrical as Blonde on Blonde — it shrilly tirades against racism, politicians and friend-turned-foe MF Doom — but it, like Dylan's disc, is a sonically complex pop album. American Hunger features a wide swath of talent: Crucial and legendary producer/emcee Large Professor join Grimm on "United," crooner Nate Denver brings melody to "Agony (No Jugamos)," and members of Grimm's Monsta Island Czars crew show up throughout. Owing to the album's length, you'll probably just listen to an iPod playlist of Hunger's greatest hits, but we suggest another course of action: a road trip to the South Bronx, Grimm's resident borough. During the trip you can digest this thing in full, and when you get there, maybe, just maybe, you'll see him on the street, where you can thank him for this album.