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Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow

(Miss Jenkins is calling)


Lesson time: A "clowder" is a group of cats. A "ball" is where you'll find a bunch of people. At the black-tie-optional Fur Ball: The Search for the Fabulous Miss Poofy Jenkins, which begins at 7 p.m., you'll see a crowd of humans gathering together to support the Clowder House Foundation, a no-kill place where rescued cats live. Silk Pajamas is the name of the band that the Fur Ballers will dance, eat and drink to throughout the event. The Fabulous Miss Poofy Jenkins is a delightfully beautiful — and cat-napped — feline; the fundraisers will tour the party location, the former South Side National Bank (now the South Side Tower, 3606 Gravois Avenue), to find and rescue the magnificent Poofy. The Safety Deposit Box Sale will raise additional funds for the organization by auctioning off various items from the old bank with surprises inside (gift certificates and the like). And $45 is the price you'll pay to attend such an evening of benefit and intrigue; call 314-517-8566 to buy a ticket.
Sat., Jan. 20