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9 p.m. Monday, October 17. Cicero's, 6691 Delmar Boulevard, University City.



Since 1992, Tokyo's Melt-Banana has been sending thrash aficionados, no-wave lovers and left-brain weirdos into a terrestrial fit of toxic shock. The band's defiant sonic nature and re-appropriation of pop music is as unique as it is virulent, garnering fandom from the likes of Steve Albini and Mike Patton. Full of sugar-rush melodies, rigid bass and an inhuman barrage of blast beats, Melt-Banana rips open the temporal lobe with the help of singer Yasuko Onuki's banshee caterwaul. This is the band's first show in the Lou since 2007, and the speed freaks of St. Louis can rejoice as Melt-Banana tears a hole through Cicero's.

What To Expect: Masked guitarist Ichirou Agata shredding while assorted members of openers Spelling Bee, Egg Chef, Yowie and Britches pick their jaws up off the floor.