Meet the St. Louis Buskers 

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1. Gather some scissors, a glue stick or some spray adhesive, and some cardboard like from your dad’s dress shirt.
2. Cut out the Buskers Trading Cards™ on the heavy dotted line.
3. Smear or spray a bunch of sticky stuff on the back side. (That’s what she said.)
4. Fold the Trading Card around the cardboard on the thinner dotted line.
5. Rub it real good to make sure it sticks.
6. Trim the excess cardboard away.
7. Get 'em autographed. Trade 'em with your friends. Stick 'em in the spokes of your bike with clothespins. Get on Facebook and tell all your "friends" about how much fun they are.

Download a printable PDF of all ten St. Louis Busker Trading Cards.

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