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Say hello to wine


If Ms. Day were to put together a six-course dinner at home, the first five courses would consist of different varieties of cheese, and the final would just be something chocolaty. While she would be perfectly happy with such an arrangement, she realizes that you, dear reader, have a more varied and sophisticated palate. And it is for you that events like the Sam's Steakhouse and Zaca Mesa Winery Six-Course Dinner exist. During this $60 meal, executive chef Greg Manuel (pictured on the left) pairs his delish dishes with offerings from the California winery. To make your reservations for the spectacular supper, which begins at 6:30 p.m., call 314-740-1162. Sam's Steakhouse is located at 10205 Gravois Road in Grantwood Village (near Grant's Farm;
Wed., Aug. 6, 2008