Master of the Flying Guillotine: Ultimate Edition

Rated NR 109 minutes 2002

The One-Armed Boxer is a famous fighter who now runs a kung-fu school that teaches respect and discipline for the craft. A local lord is throwing a kung fu tournament for local schools and foreign specialists and the Boxer's students talk him into letting them go to the games with him. Meanwhile, a blind man of the Guillotine Family is in search of the One-Armed Boxer for revenge. It seems that his family was killed by the Boxer in the past and he has now perfected his family craft of throwing circular guillotines. After many fights. the blind man kills one of the competitors because he only has one arm. But it is not the One-Armed Boxer, and the two men must fight to the finish.

Film Credits

Director: Jimmy Wang Yu

Writer: Jimmy Wang Yu

Producer: Wong Cheuk-hon

Cast: Jimmy Wang Yu, Kam Kang, Hsing Chen, Lieh Lo and Feng Hsiao

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