Rated NR 94 minutes

This gentle seriocomedy from Algeria concerns Mounir Mekbek, a young man living with his family in a village surrounded by the Aures Mountains. Though supremely confident of himself, he clings to a singular dream - that of finally being valued and appreciated by the other villagers. His sister Rym, however, makes that difficult; with a case of extreme narcolepsy, she repeatedly falls asleep in public, and thus seems to be one of the world's most unlikely candidates for marriage; for those reasons, she heaps shame and humiliation on the family and Mounir in particular. All of that changes on the occasion that he returns from the local village drunk out of his mind and asserts that he found a suitor for his sister - without anything or anyone to back him up.~ Nathan Southern, All Movie Guide

Film Credits

Director: Lyes Salem

Writer: Lyes Salem and Nathalie Saugeon

Producer: Yacine Laloui and Isabelle Madelaine

Cast: Lyes Salem, Sarah Reguieg, Mohamed Bouchaïb, Rym Takoucht and Mourad Khen

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