Marcello Marcello

Rated NR 97 minutes

Italy, 1956. On the island of Amatrello, a unique custom has developed, one in which a father determines his daughter's first rendezvous based on the presents he receives. Through this tradition, many of these first dates have turned into marriages and the competition for the best present is fierce. Young Marcello takes no stock in this tradition, until he sets eyes on the enchanting Elena, the daughter of the Mayor, who has come of age. Marcello comes up with the perfect gift for the Mayor: his neighbor's rooster, which wakes him every morning. But wrangling the rooster is not easy. To get it, Marcello is forced to barter with the entire village, as everyone wants something from someone else.

Film Credits

Director: Denis Rabaglia

Writer: Mark David Hatwood and Denis Rabaglia

Cast: Francesco Mistichelli, Elena Cucci, Alfio Alessi, Luigi Petrazzuolo, Luca Sepe, Renato Scarpa, Antonio Pennarella, Roberto Bestazzoni, Mariano Rigillo and Peppe Lanzetta

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