Rated NR

Gitanjili or Gili arrives in Hyderabad to meet her friends and stays in a flat that is located right opposite Manorama, a popular eatery. Gili picks up her binoculars and starts scanning the people around. She has a rare talent of lip-reading, which is the ability to know from what someone is saying beyond the hearing distance by deciphering the movements of lips. By a quirk of fate, she finds a young man arriving with a bag and leaving it in the Hotel Manorama. The bag contains a bomb that would blast at a particular time. Gitanjili wears an attitude of life, while the bomber is obsessed with his mission. The rest of the story deals with what happens to the bomb and the young man and Gili.

Film Credits

Director: Eshwar Reddy

Cast: Charmee, Nishan, Sridhar Rao, Dhanush, Lahari, Pinky, Srivastav, Ali, MS Narayana and Narsing Yadav

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