Mall Cop (2004)

Rated NR 97 minutes 2004

Frank likes working as a night watchman at the Town Center Mall. He enjoys the long peaceful hours he spends on his own. But, his world is shattered one day when a robber breaks into the mall. While trying to catch the thief, Frank loses his right arm in a freak accident as a piece of glass falls from a broken display case window. Six months later Frank has lost the only job he's ever known, and he can't seem to find a new one because of his handicap. Filled with nostalgia for his old place of work, Frank goes back to the mall. There he meets his replacement, an ex-punk, named Donna with whom he strikes up a relationship. While Donna's strange partner, White Wedding, sleeps through their night shift, Frank and Donna hang out inside the shops of the mall. Frank is more hopeful and tells Donna about his plan to buy a new prosthetic arm. Things get complicated, however, when the young, spunky girl who works in the mall record store develops a crush on Donna. And, things get even more complicated when Frank, fed up with his hopeless job search, decides he might want to rob the mall himself.

Film Credits

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Director: David Greenspan

Writer: Selena Chang and Matthew Reynolds

Producer: Andrew Louca

Cast: Derek Cecil, Kathleen Robertson, Nick Searcy, Jennifer Morrison, J Barton, Alex Craig Mann, Rula Elyas, Catherine Haun, Kevin Crum and Lexi Louca

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