Rated NR 121 minutes

The European Upper Crust meets the Taiwan Underworld in this convoluted comic action thriller. Winston Cheng (Chang Kuo-shu) is a prominent businessman who has somehow managed to fall deep into debt to organized crime leaders in Taipai, to the tune of $100 million. When it becomes clear that the gangsters are tired of waiting for their money, Cheng goes underground, just as two mob enforcers (Wu Nein-jen and Wang Po-sen) are sent out to find him. Cheng's son (Tang Tsung-sheng) -- who calls himself Red Fish -- is the leader of a street gang; the gunmen start following Red Fish and his partners in crime -- Hong Kong (Chang Cheng), Lun Lun (Ko Yu-lun), and Little Buddha (Wang Chi-tsan) -- in hopes that the son will lead them to the father. Meanwhile, Marthe (Virginie Ledoyen) has come from France to Taipai in search of Markus (Nick Erickson), her former lover who has relocated from London. Marthe discovers that Markus has a new girlfriend, Alison (Ivy Chen); feeling hurt and rejected, Marthe runs into Lun Lun and the rest of Red Fish's gang at the Hard Rock Cafe, and she spends the night with them. Marthe and Lun Lun soon become romantically involved, which drives a wedge between him and the other members of the gang; meanwhile, Ginger (Diana Dupuis), the operator of an escort service, wants to recruit Marthe to work for her. Red Fish encounters Angela (Carrie Ng), who double-crossed Winston years ago; he sets out to avenge the wrong done to his father, but soon he soon learns that Winston is in more immediate danger than he imagined.~ Mark Deming, All Movie Guide

Film Credits

Director: Edward Yang

Writer: Edward Yang

Cast: Chen Chang, Nick Erickson, Kaizo Hayashi, Elaine Jin, Virginie Ledoyen, T.C. Lin, Carrie Ng, Congsheng Tang, Andrew Tsao and Bosen Wang

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