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Lyrical Darlings


Poetry is itself a study of what shapes language can take, and what a string of words can accomplish both within tight constraints and in the loosest of free forms. Poets Kristina Marie Darling and Melissa Range toe the edges of opposing ends within that spectrum. Darling's poetry challenges preexisting molds and structures, using tools associated with prose and academic writing (footnotes, appendices, definitions, etc.) to create a unified story in her latest book of poems, The Body is a Little Gilded Cage. Range's debut work, Horse and Rider, contrarily uses classical metre and could not be more traditional in theme; the work explores the ideas of how power, violence and religion interact and relate to one another. Meet both poets as they discuss their respective works at Left Banks Books (399 North Euclid Avenue; 314-367-6731 or at 7 p.m. Monday, August 13. The event is free and open to the public, and both books will be available for purchase.
Mon., Aug. 13, 2012