Love for Life (Til Death Do Us Part) (Mo shu wai zhuan)

Rated NR 100 minutes

There's a quiet village was troubled with a sudden disease, everyone was being panic. The son ,Deyi Zhao(acted by Aaron Guo) of the villager Zhuzhu Lao(acted by Ziru Tao) was infected, unfortunately. under the serious gaze of exclusion from the villagers, all the infected people and Deyi arrived at a deserted primary school ,since then, started a secluded life. thus, Zhuzhu Lao came to the primary school to take care of all the patients including his son with a kind of disturbed mood .he had thought that everybody in the little shelter would get on well with each other , but in fact, there was still somebody who's playing tricks existed in this school. The primary school had been filled with gloomy atmosphere until the appearance of Qinqin(acted by Ziyi Zhang).instead of a kind of sympathetic emotion ,Deyi and Qinqin fell in love, immediately .However, this love ,which was thought to be impossible ,didn't take the understanding and the best wishes from others. even worse was that the censure and gossip about them was aroused by this piece of affection. finally, they had to prove the worth of love by their lives.

Film Credits

Director: Changwei Gu

Writer: Changwei Gu

Cast: Ziyi Zhang, Aaron Kwok, Wenli Jiang, Xuejian Li, Cunxin Pu and Baoqiang Wang

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