Lola Grand Opening, 1/9/10 

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New downtown restaurant Lola (500 North 14 Street) held its grand opening party on Saturday night, with its owners, chefs and bartenders on-hand to greet curious eaters. Photos by Crystal Rolfe.
OF 20
Chris Hansen, the owner of Lola.
The back bar at Lola.
A vegetable pot pie at Lola.
A Lola crepe.
Another toast!
Lola's lamb lolis.
Matt McMullen at the bar at Lola.
A cheese board.
Booze aplenty.
A "Lolita" crepe.
Dishes were plated up for guests at the grand opening, which was open to the public.
Mo E. of the UG Project and a killer key-tar. The group provided music.
Chris Hansen and Cigo Matthews.
Chris Hansen pours a cocktail.
Curious eaters.
Leaning over the wine glass.
Jeremy Bowman and Angela Komis, chefs at Lola.
Matt McMullen poses with two drinks at Lola.
Hugs all around!
Chris Hansen, the owner of Lola.