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Local motion: The Help / The Bureau / Box Social

8 p.m. Saturday, February 17. Schlafly Tap Room (2100 Locust Street).


Since music-scene mainstay Jason Toon is also a longtime RFT music-section contributor, it makes sense to turn this Critic's Pick over to him — especially since it's about his new band, the Help, which he's started with long-time drummer pal Duane Perry and bassist Dave Gioia. So Jason, what's the deal? "We're a three-piece that's sort of turning out like a Midwestern commie Ramones," he writes. "[We're playing] short, simple, (we hope) catchy, wall-of-guitar satire-punk tunes with occasional doses of blue-collar twang." (Spoken like a true critic!) The Help lacks a MySpace presence and hasn't recorded any songs yet, so the best way to sample its sound is to attend this shindig. Oh, and since Jason's trio is playing with brother Jamie's band, the Bureau, just take his word when he says it's "the biggest Toon brothers extravaganza since the last time our bands played together." Madison, Wisconsin's Box Social opens.