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Local H

9 p.m. Wednesday, October 22. Fubar, 3108 Locust Street..



You may not realize it, but you know at least one Local H song. The guitar-and-drums duo was an alternative rock darling in the mid-'90s, thanks to hits such as "Bound for the Floor" and "All the Kids are Right." Those singles, like most Local H songs, were carried by the wry, slightly sarcastic tone of Scott Lucas and a crunchy, bottom-heavy sound. On this year's Twelve Angry Months, Lucas catalogues his reactions to a brutal break-up one song (and one month) at a time. While this isn't exactly a novel conceit (both the Good Life's Album of the Year and Colin Blunstone's One Year follow similar trajectories), Lucas spares no detail and offers no solace to his ex-lover. In doing so, he proves that his band, and the concept of the break-up album, are alive and well in 2008.