Lo-Fi Cherokee 

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The fourth incarnation of Bill Streeter's Lo-Fi Cherokee hit the street on Saturday, April 11, at 9 a.m. For the next eleven hours, videographers captured eighteen bands at eighteen Cherokee Street venues. This jam-packed day will be distilled into videos that will premiere next month at a red-carpet event at St. Matthew's Church. Photographer Steve Truesdell was on hand to document the artists.
OF 36
Camerman Trent Hover shooting Whoa Thunder outside the Blue Pearl.
Adria Nicole shopping in Don Carlos.
Adria sings her way through the grocery store.
The Pat Sajack Assassins in the old Hat Mart.
A crowd gathers for the Assassins.
Irene Allen performs at Yaqui's.
Irene and Lo-Fi project director Bill Streeter take a selfie.
Irene Allen warms up for her performance.
Last to Go First to Show drummer Phil Valko.
Last to Go First to Show's Miriam Keller.
Aaron DeClue works the micro dolly camera in St. Mathew.
David and Sara Surkamp.
Lo-Fi Cherokee.
Blank Generation performs in a tiny basement room of 2720.
Blank Generation.
What's a south-side music event without PBR?
18 and Counting performs at Spoked Bikes and Stuff.
Lo-Fi Cherokee.
Lo-Fi Cherokee.
The River Kittens perform at Earthbound.
Lo-Fi Cherokee.
The crowd outside Earthbound enjoying the River Kittens.
Lizzie Webber plays at Bespoke.
Illphonics at Melt.
Lo-Fi Cherokee.
I Scream Cakes hosted Brother Lee and the Jackals.
Lo-Fi Cherokee.
Crazy XXX Girlfriend at Foam.
Crazy XXX Girlfriend.
Kelsey of Crazy XXX Girlfriend.
Manes Bros at Fortune Teller Bar.
Coming in low to shoot the Manes Bros.
Manes Brothers at Fortune Teller.
Audio techs set up.
So Many Dynamos closed out the day at Dead Wax Records.
Up-close with So Many Dynamos.
Camerman Trent Hover shooting Whoa Thunder outside the Blue Pearl.