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Little House, Big City


There were three TV shows little Ms. Day loved above all others: Sesame Street, General Hospital (thanks to Great-Grandma) and Little House on the Prairie — and this last one was the most beloved. Oh, how she adored those stories about life in the Minnesota wilderness! The Ingallses knew how to make the most out of that hard existence, and how to make you feel like you were out working the land with them. When Nellie Oleson was mean to the Ingalls girls, Day felt bullied, too. When Mary went blind, little Day just bawled. When poor Sylvia was attacked by that clown-masked man, Day was terrified. And when show executive producer and star Michael Landon went on to the great prairie in the sky, Day was completely inconsolable. But the show, and Landon's legacy, live on in our memories, and now through a new musical production. Little House on the Prairie — starring Melissa Gilbert as Ma! — comes to the Fox Theatre (527 North Grand Boulevard) Tuesday through Sunday (November 24 through 29; no performances on Thursday). Tickets to relive the pioneering life with the Ingalls family for a night cost $21 to $55 (at 314-534-1111 or, and performance times vary.
Nov. 24-25; Nov. 27-29, 2009