Lez Dance Masquerade February 2015 

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Saturday, February 7, Lola van Ella and Jeez Louise presented Lez Dance. Lez Dance has become a monthly themed dance party. This week, dancers pranced about in a masquerade. The party featured glamorous go-gos, delicious drinks and music by DJ Irene Gonzalez.

All photos taken by Micah Usher for the Riverfront Times.

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- Lez Dance Beach Party in August 2014
OF 24
Scarlett Sinferno playing with fire.
McKenzie puffs on a pipe.
Producer of Lez Dance Lola van Ella.
Tanis Lee and Vera Valentinaa strike a pose.
Tina Dybal, Max Buehler and Ben Sevilla.
Lola van Ella shaking it like a Polaroid picture.
Brittany and Ashley going in for a masked smooch.
Ray and Ricky Kicielinski in matching bowlers.
Laura M., Teri C., and Terri Z. enjoying the evening.
Sherry Blossom and Brittany Bieber glowing with radiance.
Shazza Dazzla and Ginny Schwartz.
Avery, Dustin and Rin.
Elizabeth Gombos with Kristen Goodman, co-producer of Lez Dance.
Lola van Ella pulls her stocking off slowly to a mesmerized crowd.
Robert Jones and Kevin Marrufo on the dance floor.
Sandra Manzoni.
Jump in the line.
Mindy Wunning and Ashley Crawford.
Ben and Jessica Holloway.
Scarlett Sinferno playing with fire.
Laura Klein sporting her handmade mask.
Joe and Ian White.
Lady Ashley Gregory, Shara Underwood and Timinka Pearl dancing.
The bar 2720.
Scarlett Sinferno playing with fire.