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Week of June 22, 2005

Unreal's Fat Lip
Here's the skinny: I was not happy about Unreal's article on the Midwest Chub Club ["Lard Have Mercy," June 15]. First off, the Chub Club has been around since 1980. If you look in the archives, you did a story on us in the 1990s. The article was one-sided and negative. Plus, when I came in I was introduced to your writer as the originator of the club, and the writer totally ignored me. Personally, if I were to seek out information I would go to the head of the group, not someone who just comes to party. Chub Club has done many wonderful things for people. We bring joy and laughter and self-worth. We have adopted families and helped recluses. We have supported the troops. None of that was mentioned. I am not happy. I have written thousands of dollars in advertising to your newspaper. I personally am insulted. Why would you send a skinny little piece of a person to interview BBWs? I would have sent someone more professional that knows how to tell the truth and not write about their own dislike for fat people.
Barb Breuer, founder of the Chub Club
St. Charles

Living large: I cannot believe that you would allow an article in your paper of such substantial degradation and humiliation to a group of people who, in reality, represent the vast majority of the population. Being overweight may not be your choice, but it is the masses'. This group was simply allowing themselves a venue of fun and support without being criticized and judged simply because of their size. Perhaps you should get all your facts together before you run an article in your paper.
Jan Wilson
Greenville, South Carolina

Heavy-handed: I am a BBW! Darn proud to be one! As a member of two Yahoo social groups, I read many posts on BBW views, and their way of living. I understand that each individual has an opinion about everything in life. However, when you allow an employee the power to express their views (even as ignorant and malicious as Unreal), you are accepting their views as your own. It is people like yourself that give freedom of speech a bad reputation. It saddens me greatly to see that the press has carried freedom of speech to a level that even a parasite would consider extreme. Parasite -- such a good word for people like you. BBWs may be large, but we are not parasites!
Denise Draper
Beaufort, South Carolina

Big majority: I have recently become aware of and reviewed this lackluster piece of so-called journalism. Whoever wrote this terrible piece of lies should return to school and take a few more writing and journalism classes. I happen to be a plus-size woman and I am very proud of myself and my life, but reading this story made me ashamed of the general population if that is how they portray people in my community. Sixty percent of today's population is overweight, at least by medical standards. That 60 percent of people makes up a very large part of your reading base and may say that's a lot of money coming from fat people. To think you have the nerve to print something that will cause you to lose money only shows what kind of paper you run. Instead of focusing on what St. Louis BBW Bash was all about, all your reporter could see was sex positions and how amazing it was that men find large women attractive.
Jennifer Seffrood
South Wayne, Wisconsin

Raise Your Glass
Love that Forty: I have to commend Mike Seely for writing an article about the lost "art" of the 40-ounce ["Behold the Forty," June 8]. I am going to have to dig up this essay I wrote about three years ago called "Last Of a Dying Breed: When Good Times Go Bad." It started out as a mockery of the shit people drink today. Bud Light, Coors Light -- all that shit is for the birds, but slowly developed into something more. Granted, I am only 24 years young, but I had my first beer when I was 14. No shit, ten years ago I picked up the Forty, not knowing any better, and got drunk for the first time. That bitch put me on my ass, but I have loved it ever since. You see, I think people owe the 40-ounce more than just respect. No matter who you are or what fuckin' walk of life you are from, you have had one. I, however, keep my habit more out in the open.
Chris Garza
Richmond, Texas

Clubs Editor

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Tom Finkel, editor
Riverfront Times
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