Lethal Hostage (Bian jing feng yun)

Rated NR 141 minutes

As the drug trafficking raged on the Sino-Burmese border, an anti-drug officer accidentally uncovers a major drug trade through a cold-blooded assassin. The trade involves the head of a Yunnan criminal gang named 350, who wants to go into retirement with his young wife Xiao An afterwards. In flashbacks, we learn that Xiao An was actually kidnapped by 350 as hostage, but slowly develops Stockholm syndrome and voluntarily lives with him in Burma. Determined to stay together, the doomed couple have to face the hunt from both the police, the assassin, and Xiao An's bitter father.

Film Credits

Director: Er Cheng

Writer: Er Cheng

Producer: Hao Ning

Cast: Dahong Ni, Honglei Sun, Luodan Wang, Kun Yang and Mo Zhang

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