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Let Them Drink Wine!


Ah, the French. They are known for their sexy accents, their lovely tower, their cigarette-smoking, their revolution, their casual attitudes toward public nudity and, most of all, their wine. Citizens of (and visitors to) that fine country have spent many a night guzzling the native elixir until drunk and sleepy. Hourra! Beginning at 7:30 p.m., Erato Wine Bar & Grand Market (3117 South Grand Boulevard; 314-664-6400 or gives you an opportunity to (mostly) party like the French at its Bastille Tasting. During this $5 fest de vin, you'll definitely be able to drink like a Frenchperson and celebrate the revolution like a Frenchperson, and you'll even have a chance to attempt to speak like a Frenchperson, while admiring the tiny Tour Eiffel replica you brought from home. However, smoking is forbidden indoors (hourra again!), and we strongly encourage you to continue wearing your clothes until you return to your maison.
Thu., July 13