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Let No Walls Hold You In


Ms. Day is capital-S sick of this weather. Sure, the layered look becomes her feminine figure, and she doesn't truly mind eating warm-her-up-from-the-inside-out macaroni & cheese with bacon for most meals, but she is tired of wearing a coat everywhere, she is done with the salt ruining her stylish boots, she can't stand having a runny nose all of the time — it's just not cute. But instead of moping around the house, looking at the forlorn Christmas tree still perched in the corner, she shall make the most of her time and get out. Get out, she will! And you should join her, salty sidewalks or not! Schlafly Bottleworks (7260 Southwest Avenue, Maplewood; 314-241-2337 or has just the thing for us: Cabin Fever. More than just a clever name for a winter festival, Cabin Fever is a time for us to bond with our shivering neighbors over delightful Schlafly brews and with live music offering a bit of ambiance. Tickets to the affair, which runs from noon to 4 p.m., cost $25 to $30 and include a tasting glass and eighteen beer samples. Out, indeed!
Sat., Jan. 22, 2011