Lambent Fuse

Rated NR 114 minutes

Freddie Goone, a man who plunges into a detached world full of regret after recent and tragic events trigger his slide into depression. Allison Swanson's kleptomania undermines her ability to hold a job and maintain a relationship with an emotionally detached and swiftly sinking Freddie. Paul Dobbler, a mysterious chef and past decorated foreign soldier, takes it upon himself to meddle in the life of a woman with whom he's deeply infatuated. Philip Richter seeks to overcome allegations that threaten his long sought-after promotion as police captain. Keith Malone and Vincent Becker embark on a series of robberies that land them in a situation that is way over their heads.

Film Credits

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Director: Matt Cici

Writer: Matt Cici and David Marketon

Cast: Rhett Romsaas, Heidi Fellner, Matthew Feeney, Eric Hanson, Dan Eckman-Thomas, Nick Hansen, Daniel Sjerven and Jennifer Mergen

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