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Lacuna Coil / Shadows Fall

8 p.m. Tuesday, May 1. The Pageant (6161 Delmar Boulevard).


Shadows Fall's success has vindicated two marginalized groups: white dudes with dreadlocks and metal vocalists who can carry a tune. Singer Brian Fair, whose serpentine head ropes churn in a stylish spiral during solos, alternates between gruff shouts and clear choruses, while his bandmates have mastered the alchemy involved in mixing metalcore's aggressive and accessible elements by balancing colossal hooks with technically enthralling double-bass drumbeats and dual-guitar harmonies. During "Redemption," the lead single from the Massachusetts band's just-released Threads of Life, Fair touts the "power of the sound" while staggered riffs lend muscle to his earnest sentiments. Live, such songs combine underground-concert-going's most cathartic experiences: inspirational mass sing-alongs and brutal pit action. Opening act Lacuna Coil plays acoustically at Vintage Vinyl at 5 p.m.; its evening set will add waves of volume to those delicate melodies.