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King of the Hill


King Hedley II is the penultimate play in the "Pittsburgh Cycle" of works by Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright August Wilson. Each play in the series chronicles the African-American experience decade by decade throughout the twentieth century. All but one of these ten plays are set in Pittsburgh's Hill district, and King Hedley II takes place in a 1980s Pittsburgh ravaged by crime and unemployment. Here, Hedley is an ex-con struggling to find his way down the straight-and-narrow, selling stolen refrigerators with hopes of saving enough money to open a legitimate business. Will he make it happen? Find out when the play, put on by the Black Rep, opens today at 7 p.m. at the Grandel Theatre (3610 Grandel Square). King Hedley II runs through Sunday, May 14, and tickets cost $10 to $40. For complete details and additional show times, call the company at 314-534-3810 or visit
April 19-May 14