King Blank

Rated NR 73 minutes 1983

A couple's relationship unravels and comes apart at the seams, leaving no room for psychological mending of any kind in this unremittingly negative film about King Blank (Ron Vawter) and Queenie Blank (Rosemary Hochschild). If viewers were meant to fill in the Blanks, they would be hard-put to find anyone as crass, vulgar, and crude as these two fighting pseudo-lovers. While closeted in their New York hotel room to battle out their differences, there is not much hope for a quick resolution to the couple's maladjustments, and while at the bar for some intermission in their endless rounds, the duking duo run into a succession of alcoholics, psychotics, prostitutes, and other fringe elements who are worse off than they are. Based on the language and behavior of the destructive protagonists, this black-and-white film is not likely to find a large following.~ Eleanor Mannikka, All Movie Guide

Film Credits

Director: Michael Oblowitz

Writer: Michael Oblowitz

Producer: Michael Oblowitz

Cast: Rosemary Hochschild, Pete Richardson, Will Patton and Ron Vawter

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