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Killer Performance

Somebody's gonna die onstage


Something is amiss at the Theatre Guild of Webster Groves' latest production. Rumors of a conspiracy swirl the corridors. Even the play's title, At This Evening's Performance — a mere prepositional phrase — gives way to suspense and general fill-in-the-blank forebodingness. The play-within-a-play follows an Eastern European theater troupe that discovers its stage manager is...a spy (dun dun dun!). Instead of firing the alleged mole and changing the locks, the troupe presses on, with rollicking hijinks along the way. It all leads up to the discovery of a secret cue in the script, a line that will signal a gunman in the audience to shoot a performer. Whose line is it? Nobody knows. However, the show must go on. And it does, at 8 p.m. Thursday through Saturday and 2 p.m. on Sunday (April 18 through 27) at the Theatre Guild of Webster Groves (517 Theatre Lane; 314-962-0876 or Tickets are $12 to $15.
Thursdays-Sundays. Starts: April 18. Continues through April 27, 2008