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Kenny Loehr's nephew has warm memories of St. Louis' most revered boxing trainer



Prized Fighter

Fond memories of Uncle Ken: I just wanted to tell you what a terrific article you did on my uncle, Ken Loehr ["And the Fighter Still Remains," Kristen Hinman]. You nailed his personality, passion and cantankerousness right on the head.

Uncle Kenny was my godfather, taught me about boxing as a young kid and was my representative during my Catholic Confirmation. He is a strong, devout Catholic who never misses church.

I was never a standout boxer, but became a professional boxer in a very obscure way. One of my earliest stories that really told me how respected Kenny was in the world of boxing came when I started boxing at a gym closer to my house, in Mehlville. Coach Doug of Eagles Boxing (now defunct) had me sparring in the ring, and when my opponent and I got close, I'd grab his arms until coach broke us apart. However, Coach Doug wanted me not to grab onto him. The conversation went like this:

Coach Doug: "Spin away from him when he gets close! Don't grab onto him!"

Me: "My uncle told me that if the guy gets close, to grab onto him."

Coach Doug: "Then you grab onto him and don't let go!"

I see my Uncle Ken a few times a year when I am back in St. Louis. He's very much influenced my style of coaching, though I can't see myself calling seven- and eight-year-old girls at soccer practice "chicken shits." I can't help but smile when I come into his house. He calls me "creep," then tells me where to grab a beer (which is always Busch). It's been the same for many years.
Curtis Breville, Denver, Colorado


Awful Accusation

She deserves to be sued: Good for the officer in this case ["A Tattered Tale," Chad Garrison]! The general public does not understand that when a false accusation is made, the police are not spared by any means. They are subject to scrutiny within the department, loss of family, loss of career — and the false accusations jeopardize the officer's entire future. When the average Joe makes an accusation against a civilian, the civilian is not tried in the media the way police officers are. The police officer in this case has every right under the sun to sue this piece of trash. Even if he doesn't ever see a dime, it sends the message loud and clear that everyone has rights, and if you want to go toying with them, you will pay.
Pro Po Po, St. Louis, via the Internet

A to Z, NOVEMBER 26, 2008

Bashing Pumpkins

Infinite sadness: I would not give such a positive review. There were a number of highlights, but all in all, I found the show to be utterly self-indulgent, the kind of thing only a die-hard would love. Lots of false starts and plenty of cheese that big Pumpkins fans call genius (i.e., "Heavy Metal Machine" and "Little Red Riding Hood"). Chamberlain and the supporting cast are fantastic musicians, but after the third of about seven extended jams (comprised mostly of distortion), I had enough. For a twentieth anniversary tour, there were a lot of hits missing. It was interesting walking out and listening to the comments; people either thought it was incredible or extremely disappointing. There was no in between.
Dave, via the Internet

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