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Keith Fullerton Whitman

7:30 p.m. Saturday, November 12. White Flag Projects, 4568 Manchester Avenue.


Experimental music has caught a bad rap from the general public over the past decade. Often looked down upon as the creators of a passing fad of unlistenable noise and childish beeps-n-blips, artists such as Keith Fullerton Whitman continue to prove the naysayers wrong. Since 1991, Whitman has explored almost every facet of experimental music, ranging from electro-acoustic compositions to drill-and-bass to ambient drone experimentations. Creating a unique experience with a delicate subtlety toward each live piece and recording, KFW's ability to harness detailed patches of lush sound has marked him as one of the front-runners in the realm of modular synthesis.

What To Expect: Spectators will be delighted to experience KFW's new aesthetic direction — a marriage of analog synth works with real-time analog video manipulations.