Kawasaki's Rose (Kawasakiho ruze)

Rated NR 100 minutes

This rich and beautifully crafted film highlights one of the great mysteries of current European cinema: why has its Czech director Jan Hrebejk not yet been enshrined within the top tier of contemporary filmmakers? His skill -- and that of his regular screenwriter, Petr Jarkovsky -- is showcased to breathtaking effect in this gripping study of family secrets, betrayal and reconciliation in the post-Communist era. Brilliantly paced and performed, it is one of 2010's must-sees.

Film Credits

Director: Jan Hrebejk

Writer: Petr Jarchovský

Cast: Lenka Vlasáková, Milan Mikulcík, Martin Huba, Daniela Kolárová, Antonin Kratochvil, Anna Simonová, Petra Hrebícková, Ladislav Chudík, Ladislav Smocek and Vladimir Kulhavy

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