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Just Beat It


Imagine the sounds of a beating drum, the constant bah-boom, bah-boom. Allow the booms to hasten so they are pounding faster and faster in every passing moment. Once this high-energy beat reaches a point where it seems almost nonhuman, you've hit upon the idea behind percussionist Rich O'Donnell's SeeSaw-Drumming technique. This innovative way to drum permits him to play at double the speed. Witness the union of these unusual rhythms with poetry and even more percussion during New Music Circle's Kai Wan Sing, a piece first performed in China. Percussionists Deb Summers and Glen "Papa" Wright and poet Anna Lum join O'Donnell for an evening of lyrical elegance and accelerated drumbeats. It all begins at 7:30 p.m. at Satori (3003 Locust Street; 314-652-3003 or, and tickets cost $12 ($6 for students). For more information visit or call 314-567-5384.
Fri., Feb. 1, 2008