Jericho's Echo: Punk Rock in the Holy Land

Rated NR 75 minutes 2005

Mohawks, stage diving, fists flying. Homemade band t-shirts, circle pits, singalongs. These scenes are not unfamiliar; they have flooded pop culture imagery for more than 25 years. The punk rock ethos gains new relevance in Israel when band members' choices are often between picking up a guitar or picking up a gun. "Jericho's Echo" introduces us to some of the colorful characters of the little-known Israeli punk scene, and gives us insights into their lives through interviews, verite' scenes and live musical footage. The young people in these bands represent the future of this important region, and their views are not those usually portrayed by the mainstream media.

Film Credits

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Director: Liz Nord

Producer: Liz Nord

Cast: Useless I.D., Chaos Rabak, Va'adat Kishut, Nikmat Olalim, Punkache, Kafa la Panim Shel Limor Livnat, HaPussy Shel Lussy, Retribution, Smash4$ and Beer7

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