James Franco's Year, Ranked 

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It's a long-running joke that James Franco is a busy guy -- not just in the film industry, but it academia and the arts. Voice Film Critics have ranked James Franco's 2013 for you, the discerning, uhh, Franco-phile. Click on the link to read more about the project.

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OF 15
1. As Alien in Spring Breakers
Sony Pictures
2. As James Franco in This Is the End
3. kink, executive producer/producer
4. Sal, director
Justin Lubin for Open Road Films
5. As Morgan "Gator" Bodine in Homefront
6. As Mr. B in Palo Alto
7. As I Lay Dying: Director, writer, actor
Merie Weismiller-Wallace/Disney Enterprises

9. As Hugh Hefner in Lovelace
10. Interior. Leather Bar, co-director with Travis Mathews
11. As Dr. Paul Leotard in The Mindy Project
13. His Hollywood Walk of Fame star
14. As Rick in Third Person
15. As Jerry in Child of God, a film in which he acted in addition to directing.
1. As Alien in Spring Breakers