Jake's Leg at Clayton's Parties in the Park, 7/9/08 

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An eclectic mix of deadheads and business-types populated Shaw Park in Clayton on Wednesday night. Jake's Leg, a Grateful Dead tribute band, brought out the free spirits who jigged and swayed next to clean-cut business types who may have been called "The Man" or the "Establishment" only a generation ago. These photos capture the diversity.
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People still found time to take care of business.
Scott Brown had plenty of dance poses.
Many friends gathered at Parties In The Park.
Ryan Wilhite, Jakes Leg drummer, sets up his equipment prior to Wednesday’s performance in Shaw Park. He has been with the band for three years.
Ed Brungard enjoys the concert by sporting his Grateful Dead shirt, which he purchased in 1972 when they performed at the Fox Theatre. Also shown at right is Jeff Wendling.
A variety of drinks was available to partygoers.
Cindy Capps and Jackie Obst groove to the music.
Charlemagne, a 200-pound Great Dane dog, got plenty of attention Wednesday evening. Shown is his owner at right, Jay Kloecker.
Mount Pleasant Winery provided wine for sale.
People of all ages danced to the Grateful Dead tribute band, Jakes Leg.
Jane Parres, Jakes Leg and Greatful Dead fan, dances in Shaw Park.
Many picnic tables were spread throughout Clayton's Shaw Park.
A few Parties In The Park representatives.
Brown Shoe Company employee’s pose for the camera.
To accommodate the warm day, Jim Hicks, City of Clayton employee, unloads 20-pound bags of ice. They provided 100 bags for the event.
Joe Trunko, Jakes Leg bass guitarist, sings a tune.
Dave Casper, Jakes leg guitarist, plays his guitar. Jakes Leg is a Grateful Dead tribute band.
What's a networking function without the omnipresent cell phone conversation?
Marsha Jaffe and her children take a stroll in Shaw Park.
Justine Black and Anne Maleri get their Jose Cuervo Margaritas served in a fishbowl.
Amy Thompson and her dogs, Chip and Winston, arrive early and wait for friends.
Many sponsors partner with the Parties In The Park.
Ted Freeman got many looks in his zebra-style shorts.
People still found time to take care of business.