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Is This Girl Taken?


You ladies like to play hard to get. So hard to get, in fact, that sometimes a feller has to abduct you and confine you in his backwoods cabin for a couple of months until you warm up to him. Sure, it sounds crazy — but if you throw in six other abductions by a man's similarly lonely brothers, add a couple of highly energetic dance numbers and some sweet songs about love ("When You're in Love" and "Goin' Co'tin"), well, it becomes just so crazy that it works. Or at least that's the lesson learned from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, the final production of the season at the Muny in Forest Park (314-361-1900 or The septuple weddings take place at 8:15 p.m. Monday through Sunday (August 7 to 13), and tickets are $8 to $60. And remember, it's always a bad idea to emulate what you see in musical theater. No one wants to see you raise a barn.
Aug. 7-13