Iron Monkey

Rated PG-13 87 minutes 2001

In a desperate and unjust land, where government corruption rules the day, only one man has the courage to challenge the system and fight back. They call him Iron Monkey. Under the shadow of night, in the silence before dawn, he fights to give hope to the poor and the oppressed. Although no one knows his name and no one knows where he comes from, his heroism has made him a living legend to the people and a wanted man to the powers that be. Unable to capture this elusive Robin Hood through normal avenues, the ruthless government devises a plan: force a nationally renowned master fighter into service by taking his beloved and only son hostage. The mandate is simple; track down the Iron Monkey if he ever wants to see his boy again. But when the Iron Monkey's identity and true intentions are revealed to him, the tables turn, and these two great men, one known and one masked, join forces to take down the evil empire and reclaim the rights of the common people.

Film Credits

Director: Yuen Woo Ping

Writer: Tsui Hark, Tang Pik-yin, Cheung Tan and Lau Tai-muk

Producer: Raymond Chow and Wang Ying Cheong

Cast: Yan Yee Kwan, Sze-Man Tsang, Yu Rong Guang, James Wong and Donnie Yen


Iron Monkey

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