Iron and Wine at The Pageant, St. Louis, June 13, 2008 

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Iron & Wine played The Pageant in St. Louis on Friday the 13th, 2008. Photographer Lauren Winchester spots two members of Sigur Ros, the Icelandic pop group that was in Kansas City on Thursday. Also included are photos of The Ugly Suit, the openers for the show, as well as the headliners Iron & Wine. Finally, Winchester makes a valiant effort to find beards that rival that of Iron & Wine lead singer, Sam Beam.
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Kyle Mayfield from The Ugly Suit expressed his affection for the venue and for the people in St. Louis. He couldn’t stop saying how much he loved The Pageant!
The Ugly Suit from Oklahoma City opened the show, this is lead singer Israel Hindman.
Sam Beam played both new and old tunes, and seemed to keep all the fans happy.
Jonathan Martin from The Ugly Suit played his pedals barefoot.
Sigur Ros was in Kansas City on Thursday. Laura Steel, pictured here with two members of Sigur Ros, were lucky enough to make the trek across the Missouri midriff and see them. Turns out the group had a day off and came to St. Louis to see the sights and hear the sounds. Small world.
Iron and Wine graced the Pageant with their presence Friday, June 13th.
These fans had a great spot to watch The Ugly Suit.
This is Toad, he was flattered that I approved of his beard, but disappointed that I caught him after he recently trimmed off about four inches. He has had a “big beard” for about 18 years.
Matt ended my beard search with a bang. I asked him how long he will let it grow and he said he gets that question a lot. He responded straight-faced with, “until my brothers come home from this stupid war!” I was so impressed, then he laughed and said that was not the case, but it really gets the people going. He said likes to come up with different answers every time.
Chris enjoys having a beard but could not pinpoint what made him start growing it. He said he didn’t necessarily have a "beard icon."
Zach had great hair, both on his face and head. He was not inspired to grow his beard by Sam Beam, but admits he is impressed by it.
I was on a search to find facial hair that rivaled Sam Beam’s trademark beard and it proved to be difficult in this muggy summer heat. Patrick was the first one worth documenting. He considers his beard to be a “labor-saving mechanism,” and pointed out a few unkempt areas.
Fans have a drink and relax while they wait for the show to start.
Dan and Theresa were so excited about the show, it was their first time to see their favorite band!
The merch table was overflowing with tough decisions for I & W fans, including these hand knits by Sarah Beam that she makes while they are on the road.
Fans arrived early to grab a comfortable spot and check out the merchandise at Suite 100.
Israel Hindman from The Ugly Suit.
The show begins! Sam Beam and his beard from Iron and Wine.
Sarah Beam, Sam’s sister has been touring with Iron and Wine for the last few years and provides some lovely harmonies.
Sam plays his first two songs with just the guitar.
The full band comes in for the third song.
The pedal steel guitar is an Iron & Wine fan favorite.
Iron & Wine.
Sarah Beam.
Although the Pageant is a big venue, Iron and Wine performed a show that felt very intimate, even from the balcony.
Kyle Mayfield from The Ugly Suit expressed his affection for the venue and for the people in St. Louis. He couldn’t stop saying how much he loved The Pageant!