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Invest in This Fun


These days, it seems that life is all about asset management. You see, assets are good things, and that's why you should be managing them. Take the Atomic Cowboy (4140 Manchester Avenue; or 314-775-0775): Its assets include cool artwork, cold drinks, hot food and an even hotter outdoor area. Now, let's look at the assets of the upcoming Wyman Center Happy Hour at the Cowboy: You get to start drinking at 5 p.m., you get to stop drinking some four long hours later, you only have to pay $20 for the privilege (and for the food and drinks), and you're helping out a charity that helps kids. Now, what kind of asset manager would you be if you didn't go to this benefit? That's what we thought. To RSVP for the party, call Jessica at the Wyman Center at 636-938-5245, extension 227.
Thu., July 20