Interrogation (Przesluchanie)

Rated NR 118 minutes

Originally titled Przesluchanie, the Polish The Interrogation is rough sledding for anyone looking for an easy film about political oppression. Cabaret entertainer Krystyna Jadna has a habit of dallying sexually with high-ranking military officers. As a result, she is imprisoned and subject to a vicious interrogation by the secret police, who are convinced that Jadna's brief affair with an army major has fomented an anti-government movement. For 158 grueling minutes, we are shown the lengths to which Jadna's questioners will go to extract their notion of the truth-and the lengths to which the woman will go to cling on to her remaining shreds of dignity. Filmed in 1982, The Interrogation was almost immediately banned in Poland. It was not given an international release until 1990.~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

Film Credits

Director: Ryszard Bugajski

Writer: Ryszard Bugajski and Janusz Dymek

Cast: Krystyna Janda, Adam Ferency, Janusz Gajos, Agnieszka Holland, Anna Romantowska, Bozena Dykiel, Olgierd Lukaszewicz, Tomasz Dedek and Jan Jurewicz

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