Inside the Old School Tattoo Expo in St. Louis, 11/13/09 

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Batman, Charles Manson and Marilyn Monroe were all at this year's Old School Tattoo Expo, in ink-form. Even our photographer got in on the action, getting his first tattoo. Photos by Jason Stoff.
OF 58
Lyle Tuttle's Saint Louis Old School Tattoo Expo was held Friday through Sunday (November 13 through 15, 2009) at the Holiday Inn Select (811 North Ninth Street.)
Tommy McElroy's neck tattoo made it all the way from Indy to St. Louis. Along with the rest of Tommy.
Boxer shorts and Christopher Walken -- according to Kevin Krell, it's a recipe for hilarity.
Matthew Diana came from Champaign, Illinois, for his new Clint Eastwood portrait.
Josh Pruitt's Ghost Rider tattoo.
Mark Persek drove three-and-a-half hours from Danville, Illinois to show his leg tattoos -- The Hulk and Paul Wall. Check out that bling.
Matt McGee has reaped the benefits of being friends with a tattoo artist since third grade. Here? Dimebag Darrell, RIP.
Josh Pruitt's Hellboy leg tattoo.
Sam Bellware loves TV. The Detroit native got Jimmy Walker and his famous "Dyn-O-Mite" catch-phrase added to his collection this weekend.
A portrait of Elvis won Vianello Fabrizio (from Italy, naturally) a major award.
Bruce Bolin (from Evansville, Indiana) got this tat after his roommate Justin decided it was time to practice portraits. How'd it turn out? "Awesome."
Josh Pruitt's Batman. How did he get so many? "Become friends with the tattoo artist."
"Gato de Guadalupe." Don't ask.
Anastasia Kotsoglou (who calls Los Angeles home) quit smoking, so now she "smells like roses." Her new side tattoo illustrates it perfectly.
A winner of Best Small Colored Tattoo, Karla Grimes shows her short bus while tattoo artist Katie Cain gives her seal of approval.
Melyssa Rapley from Waterford, Michigan shows her winning Small Colored Tattoo -- with green eyes that match her own.
The ladies show their stuff.
Pia Hague and Ashley Minks greet the artists, guests, and yes, even the press.
Kris Richter and Kelly Mathes from Lincoln, Nebraska.
Billy Rath, St. Louis local.
St. Louis native Jessica Werner wears her Irish pride on her sleeve. Or rather, her chest.
Lisa Gilbert (Los Angeles, California) has her tattoo's time set to 1:25, the first address where she and her husband lived. To her, it's "time standing still."
Kris Richter and her tattoo artist - a painter and his canvas.
The winners of the Expo's three competitions -- Small Colored, Small Black and Gray, and Most Realistic.
St. Louis local Justin Faulkerson shows off his self-explanatory knuckle tattoos.
With family ties to traveling gypsies, Justin Faulkerson has covered his arms in circus-poster-like illustrations.
Even with colorful art everywhere you turn, some thing still manage to draw attention at the Old School Tattoo Expo. Ladies and Gentlemen, the "Kevinator."
Brittney Schoettle, a St. Louis local, has a fascination with the Sailor Jerry theme.
Stephanie Sams' winning entry in the Most Realistic Tattoo competition.
Sams' winning entry into last year's Most Realistic Tattoo competition.
Prizewinner and St. Louis local Stephanie Sams (and pal).
The panel of judges checks out Billy Rogers' leg tattoos.
Bobbi Palmer's entry into the Small Colored Tattoo competition is just the start -- she plans on expanding to a whole sleeve.
Billy Rogers, an Indianapolis native, shows off his legs -- his outlet for personal release, he says.
Why dragons? "I admire their power and strength," says George Nick. He plans on continuing the Japanese theme with future tattoos.
Dustin Niswonger, from St. Louis' own Self Afflicted Studios, shows off his entry to the Small Colored Tattoo competition -- a marmoset skull.
Brittney Schoettle, a St. Louis local, has a fascination with the Sailor Jerry theme.
Josh Pruitt from Champaign, Illinois says he's just the canvas for the art.
Rachael Warren from Pevely, Missouri comes to the Expo every year. What's the story with the tattoo? "I wanted something big and girly."
Cat from Diablo Ink shows off ink of her own.
Granite City, Illinois' Matt Taylor loves the art of tattooing -- and clearly, he lets it show.
Pia Hague's Charles Manson tattoo took home a Best Black and Gray award.
A customer getting work done.
"Fuck the Weak" indeed.
Custom St. Louis flash? Check.
Lots of RFT photographers get in the heat of the action for the sake of the shot. Fewer get ink. Artist Robert Hobyak and overzealous RFT photographer Jason Stoff.
The TB Gallery girls show their stuff, and threaten to kick ass.
Paul Nycz (Iowa) and Mary Todryk (Minnesota) are regulars at the Old School Tattoo Expo -- surprising, since they look ready to kill one another.
Dave Martinez, Kelly Gormley and Tracey Carter are more than regulars at the expo -- they've attended every single one. Originally from New Mexico, they travel the country for expos like this.
Tattoos don't necessarily represent strength, but this pose always does.
Tattoos weren't the only thing on display, as The TB Gallery was eager to show.
Why "Thug Love"? "It is unexpected and awesome. Also, I'm really black," she says.
Anthony "Meatloaf" Benavides show off his new Mariyln Monroe tattoo. He came from Bakersfield, Georgia to attend the expo.
Boston, Massachusetts' Brad King flew here just for this work -- a tribute to his daughter. The female Buddha is a protector, and the Koi represents her sign (Pisces).
Maxwell Egy's Medusa tattoo is a reproduction of Caravaggio's original painting. Five hours in the chair for a lifetime of awesome.
Jeff Allen from Albuquerque, New Mexico took home the Best Tattoo of the Day award -- a fitting award for his wild leg.
Lyle Tuttle's Saint Louis Old School Tattoo Expo was held Friday through Sunday (November 13 through 15, 2009) at the Holiday Inn Select (811 North Ninth Street.)