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Indigo Girls

8 p.m. Thursday, October 26. Pageant (6161 Delmar Boulevard).


Wait! Don't skip past this Critic's Pick just yet! Dispel those preconceived notions about the Indigo Girls and give 'em another chance. Sure, Amy Ray and Emily Saliers retain their fondness for earnest guitar-folk, but two decades into their career, the 'Girls are revitalized. Music once predictable is now littered with unexpected melodic movement and hypnotic hooks. Their chord ascension has strayed from safe to spontaneous, their minor turns creating a mournful backdrop for their always-heartrending harmonizing. But the most noticeable change is an infusion of grit; faded are their politics, replaced with toothy rock & roll that's emotionally raw. This toughness, along with the inclusion of electric guitars, keyboards, bass drum and cymbals, has transformed the pair into Patti Smiths-lite.