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Immortality Achieved


After playing the Frankenstein Monster and Dracula, Christopher Lee wrapped himself up in another monstrous role, playing Kharis in 1959's The Mummy for Hammer Studios. Lee refrained from putting on the bandages for any of Hammer's subsequent Mummy movies, but thanks to his booming baritone-bass voice, Lee returned to ancient Egypt half a century later as narrator for IMAX's Mummies: Secret of the Pharaohs. Determined to achieve immortal life, the Egyptians of old combed the Earth to arrive at their ingenious means of bodily preservation. Mummies: Secret of the Pharaohs unwraps the mystery of the ancient technique of mummification, and also uses actors to recreate the 19th century expedition that discovered of a cache of 40 royal mummies, including Ramses the Great, the pharaoh of the biblical Exodus of the Hebrews. Mummies: Secret of the Pharaohs screens daily at the Saint Louis Science Center's Omnimax Theater (5050 Oakland Avenue; 314-289-4424 or through Thursday, September 26. Tickets are $8 to $9.
June 10-Sept. 26, 2013